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This is not only a bookshop like everyone. No, here you can find much more:

  • We can talk with you in English, Spanish, French, German and some more other languages.
  • You will find different kinds of books in different languages like Spanish, English, German, French and some more languages.
  • In our bookshop you can take a rest and relax of the stess by your life.
  • You donīt have to buy books, you can also borrow these for a less money. But if you read them in the bookshop you will pay nothing.
  • Once in a month we meet together to talk about profound topics.
  • Bisides you will find here more events, for instance:
    • Dancing for young and old in Pifo! We have always quite a few new dances. Please call: 2381-475
    • Learn and work with “Brookflowers”. Please call: 2559 996
    • Lessons of recorder. Please call: 2559 996
    • Bisides we get you some days in the deep rainforest in the area of Yatun Yacu Tena - Oriente. Please call: 2301-475 or 2559 996

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How you can find us:

Our adress is:

Av.9 de Octubre # 21-54 y Robles in the distrikt “La Mariscal”, in Quito, Ecuador. Or jump to the map .

You can call us: 2559 996

You can reach us by net: dietlind_brehme@hotmail.com; ciar-sa@uio.satnet.net

Our business hours are:

From monday till friday from 10am to 6pm

Tel: 00593-22-226-931

“Libros Para el Alma” is a place of peace and silence. You are friendly invited to stay for a while, to talk with someone or to rummage around a little bit.

We offer a large assortment of books. Sure there you will find anything espcially for you. We have poems, novellas, alternative medicine, indian culture, books about Ecuador and Latin - America, historical books, guidebooks and maps, books for the soul and life, books for children and much more...

We are glad to meet you

Dietlind & Esther 

Are you looking for contact? Do you have questions?

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