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The Grail Message

How we are?
Where are we from?
Where are we going?
The essential questions of our life will answered clearly and completly.

In the Light of Truth:

The Grail Message is the main work of Abd-ru-shin (Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, 1875-1941). It is a collection of 168 essays, presented in such a way that they build upon each other, thereby forming a complete picture of Creation. The logical presentation of the material serves to facilitate the reader's comprehension, and the author asks specifically in the Foreword to the Grail Message that one must be "able and willing to examine this matter objectively."

In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message gives spiritual support for the problems and questions that we all encounter in life: Where do we come from? Where do we go when we die? What about fate and karma, Divine justice, free will, the Mission of Jesus, the Son of God, the Laws of Nature and Creation, and many others. The more the reader uses life itself as the criterion for testing the explanations given in the Grail Message, the more the Truth shines from it. In this sense, the title In the Light of Truth is clarified.

In the wide span of its subjects, In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message also gives information about the "grail." While ancient sagas and legends, and modern art, depict the grail as an earthly myth, without being able to provide a conclusive explanation of its significance, Abd-ru-shin describes the Grail as a spiritual reality of the highest order: it is the connecting point between the Creator and His Creation.

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The author of the 3-volume work, In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message is German, and was born in 1875 in Bischofswerda near Dresden (Saxony). His civil name is Oskar Ernst Bernhardt. Under the name Abd-ru-shin he wrote and published the lectures of his Grail Message. He completed his education as a businessman, and in 1897 established a trading company in Dresden. After 1900, he frequently traveled throughout the world, writing his impressions in novels and plays. At the beginning of the First World War, the traveler was interned in England, and imprisoned on the Isle of Man until the end of the war. It was during these years that he experienced the inner need of many people, and the wish awaked in him to help humanity.

After his release from internment in 1919, he returned to Dresden. He resumed his literary activity, and began, in 1923, to write and publicize the first lectures of the Grail Message. In 1924, he moved to Upper Bavaria, and settled in Vomperberg, Austria in 1928 (where he completed his major work, In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message.) When Nazi Germany annexed Austria in March of 1938, his property was expropriated, and he himself was expelled.

The last years of his life (Abd-ru-shin died early in December, 1941) were spent under surveillance of the Gestapo in Kipsdorf (Erzgebirge). He utilized this period of isolation to revise and edit the Grail Message. After the end of the war and the return of his property through the Allies to his widow, a tomb was erected for Abd-ru-shin on Vomperberg.



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